How can I bulk upload Form 7004 data for multiple businesses?
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You can securely bulk upload Form 7004 data for multiple businesses using our standard excel template or your own template. Fill in the mandatory details of the businesses in the template and upload the file. Once we generate the extension, we send them for your review through email. You can review, pay and transmit the extension to the IRS.
Here's how you can bulk upload the data:

  • Log in to your ExpressExtension account. 
  • Click Secure Bulk Upload on the dashboard to upload your data in any one of these formats- xls, xlsx, csv, tif, txt, zip, rar, Docx, pdf, or xlsm.

secure bulk upload

3. Click the Form 7004 button to download our standard excel template if you do not already have data in your template.

Form 7004  template

4. Fill in the information in our downloaded template. Make sure you don't miss any mandatory fields.

5. Drag & drop the file. Enter any specific instructions for our team as comments.

6. Click on the Upload File button.

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