How do I e-file Form 8868 with ExpressExtension?
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7004 4868 8868 8809

E-filing IRS Form 8868 with ExpressExtension is the quickest and easiest way to file your tax extension. Follow the steps below to file an extension for an exempt organization

1. Create an account or log in to your existing ExpressExtension account.
2. Click ‘Create Exempt Org Tax Extension (Form 8868)’ on the dashboard.
3. Enter the organization’s basic information, including the name, address, EIN/Tax-ID.
4. Select the tax year and the extension type you would like to file.
5. Review your form summary to make sure you've entered the correct information. ExpressExtension will also perform an audit to check for errors. Click 'Edit' to make any necessary corrections.
6. Pay the filing fee and transmit the form to the IRS.

After transmitting, you can check the return status on the dashboard. We will also email you the status of your extension once we hear back from the IRS.

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