The IRS has rejected my Form 8868 extension. What should I do next?
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The IRS can reject your Form 8868 extension for several reasons, and each reason will have a unique error code. Here are some of the common errors:

[F8868-053] - Form 8868, Application for extension received after the due date of the return to which the extension is requested. 
[F8868-908] - The tax period end date of this return doesn't match the IRS e-file database. 
[R0000-075-02] - The Routing Transit Number (RTN) in the extension filed is invalid. 
[R0000-902-01] - The IRS already has an 8868 return approved for the EIN for the current tax year. 
[R0000-922-01] - The business name, EIN, and the name control on the extension filed didn't match the IRS's name control.

If the IRS rejects your return for the above reasons, follow the steps below to correct and retransmit it through ExpressExtension (except for error codes F8868-053 and R0000-902-01)

Steps to Correct and Retransmit Your Rejected Returns

  • Log in to your ExpressExtension account.
  • On the dashboard, under Exempt Org Extensions - Form 8868, identify the rejected return.
  • Click the ‘Rejected by the IRS’ button found against the rejected return, you can find the list of errors associated with the return.
  • Click the ‘Fix Me’ button against the error code.
  • You'll land on the error page. Review the details, correct them and click the Transmit button to re-transmit your return to the IRS at no additional cost.

In case the previously submitted information is correct, you can contact the IRS at (800) 829-4933 or your Tax Professional regarding the same. 

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