What are the common audit errors when filing an extension, and how do I fix them?
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Once you fill in the information for the business that you are filing an extension for, you may encounter audit errors while reviewing these details, the most common of these errors are listed below. 

Audit Error Code  Error Type Error Information
FA-001 Fatal Please enter a valid Phone Number.
FA-002 Fatal Invalid zip code in the Taxpayer's address.
FA-003 Fatal The zip code {0} is not a valid zip code for {1}.
FA-004 Fatal Please enter a valid EIN.
FA-005 Fatal Please select the Country
FA-006 Fatal Please select the State
FA-007 Warning If you have selected to file "Form 1138 - Extension of Time for Payment of Taxes" in the IRS Payment option, the system doesn’t support E-file, but you can paper file the return.
FA-008 Fatal If you choose the Calendar Tax year, then it can't be a short tax year.
FA-009 Fatal Incomplete Step 2: Form 7004 Details
FA-011 Fatal Please select a Form for an extension.
FA-053 Fatal Please select any payment option on the IRS Payment page.
FA-054 Fatal The due date for the current tax year is already over. For example, If you are applying for an extension for corporations (all types) and your tax period end date is Dec 31st, 2020 (calendar Tax Year),  the IRS might reject your extension filed after March 15th, 2021.
BIZ-021 BizVal The Taxpayer EIN must not be the same as an EIN of a previously accepted electronic return for the return type and tax period and Type of Return Code indicated for the tax return type. This mostly occurs when tax professionals copy and paste their client businesses.
FA-072 Fatal Please Enter the Account Number.
FA-073 Fatal Please Enter the RTN.
FA-074 Fatal Please Enter the Payment Date.
FA-088 Fatal Duplicate Filing
FA-093 Fatal Please select the Form to Extend.


When you encounter these errors, Click the Fix Me button against the error code, and you'll land on the specific page. Make corrections, review, and click Next to move forward. This ensures that the information is up to date and in accordance with IRS records before transmission. 

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