How much will it cost to e-file the extension form through ExpressExtension?
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7004 4868 8868 8809

At ExpressExtension, you can file an extension starting at $2 per form. However, pricing differs based on the number of forms you file and the extension form you choose. In addition to the federal extension, we also now support State extensions for businesses of all types, including certain Corporations, Multi-Member LLCs, Estates, Trusts, and More.

Furthermore, we offer Extension Package pricing and volume-based discount pricing. The more the number of forms you file, the less is the price. To know the price for filing extension forms, such as 7004, 4868, 8868, and 8809, click here

If you want to avail of discounted pricing for bulk filings, please contact our support team at 803.514.5155 or write to us at [email protected].

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