How does a Single-member LLC file extension on their taxes?
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Single-member LLCs are considered as a disregarded entity by the IRS and they are taxed as a sole proprietorship for federal tax purposes. They can elect to be taxed as either C corporation or S Corporation or continue to remain as a disregarded entity.

Here is how a Single-member LLC files an extension:

  • Log in to ExpressExtension.

  • Click Create Business Tax Extension (Form 7004) on the dashboard.

  • Enter the business details and click Next

  • Select the Business Entity Type as Limited Liability Company (LLC)

  • If your LLC is elected to be taxed as Corporation, select Multi-Member/Single Member LLC as a Corporation. Otherwise, you need to file Form 4868

  • Select the form to extend (For C Corporation, choose Form 1120 and for S Corporation, choose Form 1120S) and click Next.

  • Enter the Tax Year and the Tentative Tax and complete the form.

Once filling all the details, review the form, make payment and transmit the extension.


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