How to file my business’s state tax extension in ExpressExtension?
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Completing and paper filing a business tax extension with a state agency is simple with ExpressExtension. All you need to do is fill out the form with the required information, download it when complete, and mail it to the state agency at the address we provide.

Follow the instructions below to file successfully. 

  1. Click “Start New Business Tax Extension for States” from your dashboard.

2. Select the state you need to file the business tax extension with. 

3. Click the “Start Filing” button to begin filing an extension Form.

start filing Business extension form

4. Enter the required information on the form and click “Save & Next.” Note: The information you provide must match what the IRS has on record to avoid rejections. 

Buiness tax extension information

5. Review the information you provided. To update any of your information,  click the “Edit” button. Once you are ready to move forward, click “Review”.

Review the business tax extension

6. Enter your Credit Card details to pay our filing Fee.

7. Download the generated Extension Form.

Hold on! The filing process is not yet complete. If you owe tax, you must make the payment and mail your downloaded extension form to the state agency at the address we provide in order to complete your state business tax extension filing.

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