Is there any grace period to e-file an extension form 8809 after the filing due date?
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There is no specific grace period for filing an extension Form 8809 after the filing due date. The application for extension must be filed with the IRS on or before the original due date of the information return.

For example, the due date for employers to file Forms W-2 to the SSA is January 31 of each year. Therefore, an employer must file Form 8809 on or before January 31 if they need additional time to file Form W-2. If the employer fails to file Form 8809 by January 31, they may be subject to penalties for late filing.

It is important to note that an extension of time to file a form does not extend the deadline for furnishing form copies to employees. The extension only provides additional time for the employer to file the Form with the required agency.

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