How do I file a tax extension for an S Corp tax return?
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S-Corporations are classified as pass-through taxation entities, and by which, they aren’t required to pay income tax at a corporate level. Instead, the profits, losses incurred by the business are reported on the tax returns of the individual shareholders. Hence, the tax dues if any has to be paid at the individual level. Even then, S-Corporations are mandated to file their informational tax return each year to report the taxes it withholds from the employee wages. 
When an S-Corp misses the tax deadline to file Form 1120-S, they can request for an automatic extension of time by filing Form 7004- the s-corp IRS extension form. 
IRS filing deadline for s corporations
The S-Corporations have an obligation to file their annual tax return Form 1120-S by the 15th day of the third month after the tax period ends. And, apart from this, an S-Corp has the responsibility to issue Schedule K-1 to all shareholders that have the mentioning of the individual shareholder’s share of the corporation’s income for that particular tax year. 
Steps to file an extension for S-Corp taxes online
With ExpressExtension, you can e-file s corporation extension in simple steps. The two important steps are to choose the tax form for which an extension is sought and to calculate the tentative total tax. 

  • Log in to your account and click on the 'Create Business Tax Extension (Form 7004)' button on the dashboard.
  • Enter the business and contact details. Click Next.
  • On this screen, choose ‘Corporation (including S-Corp)’ from the business entity drop-down, and ‘1120-S U.S. Income Tax Return for an S-Corporation’ from the form’s drop-down.   
  • Select the Tax Year - calendar or fiscal year- and enter the tax estimates along with the payment you want to make. 
  • If tax year you are reporting for is less than 12 months (short tax year), you need to indicate the reason. The reason can be any one of these- initial return, final return, change in an accounting period, consolidated return, and other reason. 
  • Choose between the payment options EFW or EFTPS to pay the IRS.
  • Review the form and transmit it.

 What is the S corp late filing penalty? 
If the s corp doesn’t pay the taxes by the due date, a penalty of 0.5% is imposed on the unpaid tax for every month the tax remains unpaid, and the maximum penalty can go up to 25% of the unpaid tax. And, after that, if the business doesn’t file s corp tax filing extension form to extend the filing deadline, they will incur a 5% penalty of the unpaid tax for every month the return is delayed. The penalty rate can go up to 25%. 

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