Does Form 8453-TE only need to be signed by my client?
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No, in order to file electronically, both tax practitioner and their clients must sign Form 8453-TE. Upon signing the form, the IRS recognizes that the taxpayer has authorized the tax practitioner to file their return electronically.

For your convenience, ExpressExtension has generated the 8453-TE (signature authorization form) with extension form 8868. Please follow the instructions below to get your client's signature on Form 8453-TE and upload it while e-filing form 8868. 

Step 1: Download and review the generated 8453-TE form in PDF format. 
Step 2: Email or Fax Form 8453-TE to your client for their signature.    
Step 3: Upon receiving the signed Form 8453-TE  from your client, you must sign it as the Paid Preparer.

Step 4: Upload the signed Form 8453-TE.

Now you can continue to transmit the extension form to the IRS. 

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