What are the common reasons for 7004 rejection?
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Over several years, we have learned that the IRS rejects a 7004 extension for these common reasons. And, every rejection reason is identified through a unique error code:

  • The tax form for which an extension is sought not appropriate with the type of business entity [F7004-905-03].
  • For businesses whose accounting year is not the calendar year, the tax period end date does not match with IRS records [F7004-904-01].
  • The IRS has already received a 7004 extension for the business and EIN [F7004-011-03].
  • Extension filed after the business's tax period ends  [F7004-003-03].
  • Your name control and TIN (EIN/SSN) does not match the IRS Records [R0000-901-01].

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